I know, I know…you’d love to have a beautiful piece of braided horsehair jewelry as a tribute to your heart horse, but you’re afraid to cut out any of your horse’s tail hair (or afraid your trainer will kill you).  You’re probably picturing a big chunk growing out and looking ghastly.  Not to worry, though!  Follow this simple process, and you’ll never see the cut or the new growth (really):

Get some sharp scissors, a rubber band, and a ziplock bag.  It’s not necessary to wash or brush your horse’s tail first because the hair usually forms twisted bundles like dread locks.  Those are easier to grab and cut!  But, brush if you must.

Oh, and tie your horse in case he or she is opposed to this process…

Go to the underside of the tail – yes, between the butt and the tail – to collect the hair.  Feel for the bottom of the tail bone, reach into the center of the tail with your finger, hook a bundle of hair, and pull it to the outside. Separate out the short hairs with your fingers, then run your fingers to the top of the longest hair and cut it with scissors close to the tail bone (not too close, or you may get kicked – LOL). If your horse has a scant tail, you can do several small bundles from different places along the tail bone.

If you are working with me on your project, you don’t need to wash the hair.  I use special soap and conditioner, so I’m going to wash it again, even if you’ve already done it.  Believe me, I know what’s on tail hair, and it’s really OK to send it “as is”.  Just put a rubber band at the top, put it in a baggie, and mail it to me at the address in my contact information. Be sure to include your name, phone number and e-mail address so I can match it up with your order.

I love what I do, and I love to talk about horses, so don’t be shy about calling me to discuss design ideas, or just to tell me about your special horse.

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