Some Tips for Collecting Your Horse’s Hair

My sincere condolences if this is a memorial piece and the hair is already collected.

Here are instructions for collecting and mailing the hair:

Single-braid bracelets or fobs:

You will need a bundle of hair about as big around as your index finger (pointer), and at least 16″ long.

Double-braid bracelets or fobs:

This bracelet or fob has two lengths of braid, so you either need one bundle of long hair (28 – 30″), or two bundles of hair at least 18″ long each. Each bundle should be about as big around as your index finger (pointer). 


You will need a bundle of hair about as big around as a pencil, and at least 5″ longer than you want the necklace.  So an 18″ finished necklace needs at least 24″ hair (longer is better).

For all projects:

Go to the underside of the tail, under the tailbone, reach into the center of the tail with your finger and hook a bundle of hair.  Separate out the short hairs and cut the long hair close to the top.  Make sure the bundles are as big around at the bottom as the top.  If your horse has a scant tail, you can collect bits from different spots so it doesn’t show.

You don’t need to wash the hair, in fact, I prefer that you don’t (trust me, I have horses and I know what’s on the tail hair – ha).  Just put a rubber band at the top, put it in a baggie, and mail it to me at the address listed below.  Be sure to include your name, phone number and e-mail address so I can match it up with your order.

When the hair arrives, I’ll let you know so you can make your purchase, either through ETSY, or I’ll send you a custom electronic invoice.

Thank you!

Debbie Little

My Horse My Heart Creations

PO Box 265

White Bird, ID 83554

208-571-4153 cell/text

208-839-2552 office